Why Am I Taking IST 400/600?

Welcome! My name is Sara, and I have way too many interests to count. To narrow it down a bit, I’ll just name a few. I enjoy fashion (particularly vintage fashion), photography, writing, and baking. I actually started off as a creative writing major when I started my undergrad career in college, but ended up switching to psychology. I have been running my own personal lifestyle and fashion blog called Swing The Day Away since 2010 where I am able to combine all of my main interests and hobbies. I post about my daily outfits, adventures, and baking recipes using both text and photos.

I decided to take this class because I am a blogger and am always trying to learn how to be a better one. I’m always trying to improve my blog in any way I can. I just recently had a major makeover done to the layout of my blog and have been taking on sponsors! I find the blogosphere to be such an inspiring and amazing community and i love being a part of it, so of course I’d love to learn even more about it. I’d like to learn techniques for helping a blog continue to grow and adapt. I’d also like to learn more ways to earn money from my blog.


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