Week 1 Assignment

1. Bill’s Bakery: Bill’s Cupcakery, http://www.billscupcakery.com

Because the name of the bakery is just Bill’s, I thought it’d be pretty hard to find a domain name and blog title that wasn’t already taken. I decided to use a somewhat made-up word instead of something like bakery or cakes to set the blog aside from other places that may have similar names. Cupcakery is catchy and stands out, so that makes it easy to remember, especially when the bakery specializes in cupcakes.

Pros: Name of blog and domain name match and are both pretty short in length, making it easy to remember and providing consistency. They do not contain articles or superfluous words. Cupcakery is a made up word, so it sounds a little different, but you still know what the blog is going to be about and what the bakery specializes in. 

Cons: Location is still a mystery until you actually read the blog. It may also be assumed that the bakery only makes cupcakes and nothing else.

2. Fang Films: http://www.fangfilmshorror.com, Fang Films’ Horror Studio

I chose to be pretty basic and somewhat generic with this one because the genre of horror is so vast that it’d be easy for the company to get lost amongst it all. The name of the company should be in the domain name and the blog title so that people know which studio the blog is for. If it didn’t have the company’s name, it’d be harder to recognize what exactly the blog is going to be about – horror movies in general, or horror movies specifically from this studio?

Pros: There is consistency in the domain name and the blog title. It is pretty obvious what the blog is going to be about from the title, so the reader is not necessarily surprised. Both the domain name and the title are easily remembered, especially since they have the company’s name in them.

Cons: The titles are pretty boring, and not particularly catchy.

3. Happy Pup Doggy Day Care: http://www.happypupsathappypup.com, Happy Pup Doggy Day Care

I chose this domain name because I like the repetition of “happy pup”. It makes it a little more catchy than just the name of the company and also hints that it’s a positive place to take your pet to. I used the name of the company for the blog title just so that people know it’s for Happy Pup Doggy Day Care and not another company.

Pros: The domain name is a bit catchy and also includes part of the company’s name. It suggests that the customers’ dogs will enjoy being at the day care. The title is the name of the business to be sure that the reader knows where their pups will be happy! 

Cons: It may be a little easier than usual to misspell the domain name. It can be confusing to tell to people, which could lead to them hearing it wrong and typing it in wrong. 


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