Week 1 Assignment- Compare and Contrast

Blogger vs. Tumblr

So after months and months of creepin’ on other peoples’ blogs, you’ve decided that you’d like to start your own and gain your own following of fellow creepers. So which platform should you use? Let’s take a look at two popular choices: Blogger and Tumblr.

Let’s start with Blogger…

A major pro of Blogger is the fact that it is free to use. It is fairly easy to use, with a user-friendly composing screen and process. It’s really easy to add and edit HTML coding and there are plenty of themes to choose from to customize the look of your blog.

Blogger is a part of Google, which comes with both some positives and negatives. The positive is that if you already use other Google products such as YouTube, Gmail, etc., then it’s a breeze to sync everything up and keep everything all in one place and under one name. The tricky part is when you don’t want to use the same name or e-mail for all of your different Google products. For instance, when I’m signed into Blogger to manage my blog, I can’t check my Gmail because they’re under separate accounts. Leaving comments on blogs gets a little glitchy too when Google wants you to sign in with your Google ID and then decides you can’t comment as your blog account…even though they are both a part of the same account.

One negative that I’ve found about Blogger is that if you run a blog that posts a lot of pictures, you’re going to run out of storage space pretty quickly. When this happens, you’re forced to either sign up with different image hosting sites until you run out of room on those, and then eventually have to end up paying for image hosting on sites like Flickr. (Trust me…I know). Another negative is the actual way you add photos to your Blogger post. You have to add them one by one. And when you add them, they all get uploaded to the same spot in the post, so you have to manually click and drag each picture to where you want it in your post. This sounds a little time consuming, but not that big of a deal, right? Wrong. For some reason, pictures like to decide to not move where you want them to or mess with your text alignment for reasons unbeknownst to you. This process is made easier when you add the pictures as HTML from other sites like Flickr, but even then you are still forced to copy and paste each code one by one and place them in the coding in the exact place you want them.

Now onto Tumblr…

Like Blogger, Tumblr is completely free to use. It is also easy to customize. If your blog is heavily picture or graphics based and you’re looking for a place that is really social and viral, then Tumblr would be a good platform to use. It’s super easy to upload pictures to Tumblr and if you’re looking to get your posts shared a lot, then it’d be a good platform to use. A lot of what Tumblr is is people sharing and “reblogging” other peoples’ content. For this reason, Tumblr is great for spreading your content. You are able to add tags to your posts so that they show up when people search for those tags (Blogger has this too, but there is a limit on how many you can use per post).

Because Tumblr is highly social and features a lot of regurgitated information, it may be hard for people to actually find your posts amongst all the hullabaloo. Like Twitter, Tumblr has a feed that is constantly updated. It is easy for your post to get lost in the mix of it all.

So which should you use?

If you are more of an entertainment-based blog and are looking to just post funny or inspirational images, Tumblr would be the best place to do it. Tumblr is big on things like themed blogs and memes. The Tumblr audience is looking for these types of posts that they can reblog and share with their friends and followers. More images, less text.

Blogger is directed more towards the serious blogger. It offers more advanced editing tools and customization options such as widgets that can be added to your layout. The Blogger community is still social, but is not highly based in being a social network in the way that Tumblr is. Bloggers that use Blogger are not particularly looking to regurgitate information and share posts from other blogs, they are more likely trying to run a blog that displays and advertises their own content.

Some examples…

Here are some examples of Tumblr blogs. You can see that the content has been reblogged hundreds of times and is likely not the work of the blogger who runs the Tumblr page. They are very graphics based with mostly pictures, gifs, and the like featured.



Here are some examples of blogs run on Blogger. They are usually more rich in content and more likely to contain original content written by the blogger his or herself.




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