Week 1 Assignment- Blog Platforms for Certain Businesses

1. A giant coffee retailer looking to connect with customers.

I would recommend Blogger or WordPress so that they can have a more professional look, but still have customers leave comments and even participate in giveaways. Because a lot of people already use Google, Blogger would work well for a big company. When logged  into Google, Google-using customers will be more likely to see the company’s posts since everything is connected.

2.A photographer interested in making their work go viral.

Tumblr would be my recommendation for this blogger. It is heavily image and graphics based, which is perfect for a photograph. Plus, its users are constantly reblogging and sharing the information posted in other people’s Tumblr blogs, so there is a high chance that the photos the blogger posts will go viral and be shared with thousands of readers.

3. A Syracuse Crunch hockey blogger looking to write daily updates.

This blogger will want something really professional and completely customizable, so I might recommend WordPress. WordPress also has thousands of widgets available (more than Blogger does), which would be beneficial to a sports-related blog. There are tons of sports widgets that can be incorporated into the blog which can give readers information than the average blog.


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