Keeley Krackerz Product In Action Post: How To Eat Keeley Krackerz

Tired of the same old cheese and cracker snack? Don’t get us wrong…we love a good cheese and cracker combo, but sometimes you just need something a little different. Here are a few other ways to eat Keeley Krackerz:

1. Use Them For Dip


Photo Credit: Snack Picks

That’s right. Use Keeley Krackerz instead of chips to dip into your favorite spread. You can use our Reduced Fat Keeley Krackerz for an even healthier choice.

2. Make Tiny Open-Faced Sandwiches


Photo Credit: Snack Picks

Pile on the barbecued chicken or pulled pork for a saucy snack. It’s great for when you’re not too hungry, but just want to satisfy a snack craving.

3. For Dessert


Photo Credit:

Love that sweet and salty mix? Crackers are a perfect choice! Try adding some marshmallows to your favorite Keeley Krackerz. Or, create your own trail mix right on top of a cracker with chocolate, pecans, and more!

4. For Dinner


Photo Credit:

Do you love Keeley Krackerz so much that you wish you could eat them as a meal and not just a snack? Well….you can! Crush up some of our crackers and sprinkle them onto your favorite casserole for a crunchy and delicious addition.

5. For Breakfast


Photo Credit: Better Homes and Garden

Top your Keeley Krackerz with egg, bacon, and any other breakfast food for a twist on an otherwise boring breakfast. Bacon egg and cheese on bread is soooo last year. 😉 Try it on a Keeley Kracker!

How do YOU eat your Keeley Krackerz? Let us know at and you may see your snack featured here on the blog!


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