Apple RFP

1. Sponsored App Review Posts

I can review various baking/recipe apps with emphasis on ones that are solely for Apple products. The apps would be of interest to my readers since they would be relevant to baking/cooking and helpful to look for recipes on the go. This would drive traffic to the App Store.


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2. Coupon Code for App Store or Apple Store

I can offer my readers an exclusive coupon for the App Store. Some of the apps featured in my reviews can be discounted or given for free for a limited amount of time to my readers. This would drive traffic to the App Store and give readers incentive to make purchases from there.

3. Editorial about iPhone 

I have an iPhone, and I really do like it better than my other phones that I’ve had. I’ve had an Android phone before, but I feel that the iPhone is just easier, especially since I’m a Mac user. I could write an editorial about the iPhone and why I feel it’s better and easier to use than Androids or other smartphones. I would include links to Apple’s website, photos of their products, and discuss how handy it comes while baking (conversions, recipes, etc.).


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4. Large Banner Ads

Of course, a large banner ad would be included, linking to the App Store, the Apple website, or any page that Apple deems necessary. The App Store would probably be best and the ad can feature baking apps in it.


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5. Host a Giveaway

I can host a giveaway for my readers where they win an Apple product or a gift card to iTunes/App Store. To enter, my readers must visit the Apple website or App Store and leave a comment with what they would most likely use their gift card on. Other requirements may be specified as well.

6. Editorial About iCloud

I could write a post about how iCloud makes it easy to access saved recipes no matter what device they’ve been saved on. 


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7. Team with Apple to Create an App 

It’d be cool to make an app for my blog that my fans can use to easily access my recipes on the go. In promoting my app, I’d also be promoting Apple and the App Store, and my fans would make purchases through the App Store, driving traffic and money to Apple.


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