Emerging Trends



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My blog would be affected by a lessened use of links through other websites by not coming up as much in search engine results. Because human feedback and social networking is becoming more prevalent, I would try to get my blog posts heavily rotated and shared on all the social network websites that I could to try to get people talking about them and viewing them as a quality source for information on my topic. On my blog, I would also encourage people to share their opinions and generate a sense of community to keep people wanting to come back and talk about it on social media.



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I anticipate and would like to encourage a lot of mobile viewing of my blog, and I understand that a lot of people do view blogs on their mobile devices. I’d like it to be easy for my readers to be able to take out their phones and quickly and easily look up a recipe on my blog anywhere they are without having to wait too long for it to load or be laggy. I have a few ideas for preparations and changes that I could implement for my blog. One would be to have a mobile version of my blog to make it easier for people to view on their phones. Another would be to try to avoid posting a lot of video tutorials and keep them to a minimum when I feel they are absolutely necessary. In addition, I may want to try to keep picture sizes down. Lastly, as I mentioned in a previous post, it’d be great if I could have an app for my blog that my readers can download and have easier access to it rather than viewing the actual website in a browser on their phones.

Social Media


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While I don’t necessarily think that my readers should login to my blog with their social network accounts, I do feel that simple share buttons can be effective in getting readers to share my content. Pinterest allows bloggers to insert a ‘Pin It’ button in various ways, whether it be at the end of each post, or when hovering over the pictures in a post. This makes it easy for readers to share content without feeling like it’s too much effort to do so. A Facebook ‘Share’ button provides the same affect. Furthermore, for Twitter I could pre-write a tweet that people can tweet to share something without having to think of something to say. 



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Baking and cooking recipes is something that 55+ women would probably be looking for on the Internet. They are most likely mothers, grandmothers, aunts, etc. who have kids and family that they are cooking for. This is especially true around the holidays. As a baking recipe blog, I’d be in demand for this currently trending demographic. To take advantage of this, I may want to post recipes with themes for things like kids parties, holidays, and recipes that make bigger batches more suitable for families. 

As far as niche groups, baking is great in that it can be molded to fit any type of event or theme just through the art of decoration. The possibilities are endless when it comes to decorating cakes and cookies for virtually any type of theme.


With hands-on activities like baking, it’s really helpful to sometimes do video tutorials, especially when decorating. And because videos are so popular, it’s important to keep up with this trend and offer readers what’s in demand. I could create video tutorials of how to make recipes that may be a little too complicated to just have text and/or pictures of. I think it also might be good to use humor in the videos to keep people entertained while being informed!


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