Statistics For Blogging

Types of Statistics:

Search Engine Traffic

Because so many people look up recipes by searching for them online, it’d be important to know what my search engine traffic is. I assume this is where the majority of my readers would come across my blog as they will be looking for information about specific recipes. I would want to regularly check my search engine traffic to make sure that people are finding my blog through there and that I am providing the right kind of information to suit their needs and that show up in searches. I also want to make sure I’m using the best keywords I can in my titles and posts to be sure that I’m showing up in searches used by my readers.


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Search Rankings

Search rankings would be extremely important to my blog as the market for baking/recipe blogs is highly saturated. It will be a challenge to show up near the top of search results. I would definitely want to look at page views to see which pages and sections the readers go to. This will essentially tell me which kinds of recipes or tutorials my readers are looking at and for the most. Once I know this, I can create more posts that better cater to my readers’ interests. 


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Social Media Traffic

I’d like to monitor the traffic on my social media accounts as well as see how many people are finding me through the various sites. The biggest two I’d be concerned with are Pinterest and Facebook. Pinterest is a huge source for recipes and where a lot of people post and find recipes. It’d be beneficial to track if people are pinning my recipes and which recipes are the most popularly pinned. That way, I know what is most popular among my readers and in the online community in general and I can keep delivering the types of recipes that people want. 


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Facebook activity is always good to track as it’s the biggest social media site out there right now. It’s important to see how many people are sharing your posts, what posts are being shared the most, how many new people are coming from Facebook, and so on. 


Google Analytics will help me track pageviews, search terms, etc. for my blog which will help me keep track of my search engine traffic. There is also a way to track search rankings through Google Analytics as well. 


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For the social media part, I’d use Pinpuff for Pinterest. This site determines how influential your blog is on Pinterest and how popular your pins are. It will help me keep track of which posts are the most popular. For Facebook and Twitter, I’d use Klout to see how my social media accounts are helping my blog and what I can do to improve them.


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Problem and Solution:

I feel that search engine traffic would be an issue for my blog since there’s such a saturation of recipes online already. It’s hard to come up with original things when it comes to baking and recipes. It’s also hard for someone to stick out among the thousands and thousands of chocolate chip cookie recipes.


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As a solution, I’ll use the statistics and tools I’ve mentioned above to figure out where the demand is in recipe types and then try to offer more inventive versions. Although there are tons of recipes, there are times when I myself can’t find something I’m looking for. When I come across these types of things, I should take advantage of it and create my own recipe for others who can’t find it either.

Lastly, I’d like to offer giveaways and host contests to engage readers more and keep them wanting to come back and maintain their interest.


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