Final Post #4: Public Apology

An Apology to Our Fans…

Recently, it has been made known that the owner of Lake Onondaga Vineyard, Shelby Kross, made some very uncalled for remarks towards our fellow Dutch citizens of Onondaga County. We at Lake Onondaga Vineyard would like to extend our sincerest apologies for the words that were said against the Dutch people. It was completely unacceptable. Shelby Kross has issued a statement to the community regarding her comments:

“Earlier this week, I made some very rude and inappropriate comments towards the Dutch people in an interview with the Syracuse Daily Tribune. My actions were inexcusable, and I apologize for what I said and the harm it caused. As a local resident and local business owner, I am deeply ashamed to have disgraced this amazing community.”

At Lake Onondaga Vineyard, we love all of our customers and fans and we value the bonds we make with our community. We invite all of our fans to come out to the vineyard this weekend and celebrate the Dutch community and heritage. We will be offering 20% off discounts on wine tastings, highlighting wines and foods that come from some of our local Dutch family-owned farms, and there will be a live band performing traditional Dutch music and dances. Please come down and enjoy. We can’t wait to see you all!


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