Final Post #5: Sponsorship Ideas

Some proposals for sponsor ideas for Lake Onondaga Vineyard!

1. Sponsored Editorial Post

Local wine companies and festival associations can sponsor posts where this blog includes editorial posts discussing the companies and associations. The editorials would be relevant to the company and the fans since they’d still be about local wine. They could be reviews of different brands or spotlights on a certain event coming up. The sponsors would get links to their websites along with tons of images included. We would be sure to let the readers know that the post is sponsored, but that we wouldn’t feature something that we didn’t fully back and support. Banner ads and buttons may be added in with the editorial.


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 2. Merchandise

We could start selling Lake Onondaga Vineyard t-shirts, wine glasses, coasters, and more. We could also make it so that customers can purchase wine online, extending our market nationwide and not just locally. 


Photo Credit: Hamilton Oaks Vineyard

3. Offer a Groupon/Daily Deal

Lake Onondaga Vineyard can set up a coupon for customers to purchase. We could offer $30 for a moonlit dinner for two, which is actually a $60 value. We could advertise it through our social network sites, as well as on the blog and through our mailing list. 


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4. Offer Ads 

As a vineyard, we can give ads to places like wine companies and local farms. The ads can be on the top or the sides of the page. In addition to the ads, we can offer spotlight posts about the sponsors. This would allow us to ask for a little more money for the ads because it gives the companies more exposure.


Photo Credit:

 5. Event Coverage

For sponsors, our blog could cover events that they hold, whether they be sales or festivals. Writing about them will get the events exposure to our readers and will drive more people to go and participate in them. We can even offer discounts on our products or activities if our customers come to us with a ticket stub from a sponsor’s event.


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